1. Provide a structure for cooperation: ERA-NET Bioenergy sees itself as the basis for a long lasting co-operation of programme owners and programme managers in the area of bioenergy R&D. The members have deep trust in each other and know each other’s way of working. This greatly helps day-to-day work and facilitates a good flow of information.
  2. Learn from and keep informed of each other’s programmes by information exchange via a continuous, structured and systematic exchange of information on national bioenergy policies, programmes and projects.
  3. Identify areas of collaboration.
  4. Prepare joint calls for R&D proposals with common selection criteria, evaluation methods,  and monitoring methods.
  5. Implement Joint Calls for R&D proposals and follow them up with joint reporting and seminars.
  6. Create national political support and expand the collaboration by dissemination of experiences from co-ordination and co-operation of national programmes, which will encourage bioenergy implementation and open up the agreement to new partners.